Mythmar. undertakes the most challenging ship repair work, dry docking with reliability and competitive prices by cooperating with large, well-established, modern shipyards, which are well capitalized and managed, located in strategic positions worldwide, providing valuable experience and expertise with all the required skills.

As a result of our collaborations in the shipyard industry, we can provide specialized mechanical engineering services to our clients, covering all major grounding repairs, collision repairs, conversions and major mechanical works. We offer ship owners an integrated ship repair and care service by coordinating repairs with world-famous shipyard facilities to suit the ships trading patterns, thereby avoiding costly delays to the ships tight schedule.


MYTHMAR drydocking2

Because you can benefit from our experience, as MYTHMAR dry docks and repairs many vessels per year.
Because we can provide you with inside information and possible alternatives, knowing which Yard is busy and overbooked.
Because we offer competitive prices.
Because Yards give priority to our customers vessels as they rely on our business.
Because we can offer you the best terms and conditions from Yards that we represent, making sure that your vessel will finish on time and with best quality of works.
Because we can obtain better payment terms due to our constant cooperation with the shipyards.
We take care of the dry docking and repairs of your vessel in every possible way so that you get the best deal.